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About Eastern Shelf Exploration, LLC

Eastern Shelf Exploration, LLC provides unique consulting services to the oil and gas industry using a combination of experience, extensive data files, and proprietary in house developed maps.

Contact Information:
Edward H. (Ned) Dillon
Ed L. Dillon AAPG/CPG #1025
9405 Crowley Road Suite "C"
Fort Worth, Texas 76134
(325)453-7455 Office

Area Of Activity

The primary area of activity is the Permian Basin of west Texas and New Mexico, with particular emphasis on the Eastern Shelf of the Midland Basin and the Deep Delaware Basin.

International Knowledge Base

Internationally, this first hand knowledge includes North Africa (Libya) and the eastern Mediterranean (Israel). Ed L. Dillon, is a professional geologist with over 45 years of sucessful oil and gas exploration experience.

Proprietary maps developed by ESP

In 1987 Ed L. Dillon began developing a series of maps showing the structure of the Middle Permian along the Eastern Shelf using data acquired from over 2,400 stratigraphic tests combined with correlations from wildcat and development well logs over the same area. Deeper structures and reefs are reflected in the overlying Middle Permian throughout the Eastern Shelf. As a result, these maps are invaluable in originating new plays, planning exploration programs, correcting seismic data for velocity variations in the upper Permian, and as a factor in evaluating the probability of a seismic or subsurface prospect being present before drilling. The maps are an excellent tool for selecting areas for new "3-D" seismic exploration programs. Concurrent with the compleation of the Middle Permian Basin mapping project ESP prepared a set of Siluro-Devonian structure maps covering the deeper Delaware Basin, and incorporating data from some 2,200 miles of CDP seismic. These maps are used for both prospect generation and evaluation in this basin.

ESP's Services

Eastern Shelf Exploration services include prospect generation, the review of outside generated prospects, recommendations concerning exploration programs, radiometric surveys and geological consulting.